Do you want an airtour or would you rather ride the bus?

April 17, 2012 while a Visitor was on https://grandcanyon.com/inner-grand-canyon-jeep-tours-south-rim.html

Visitor – I would like a tour in Grand Canyon.
Visitor – Something I could experience the habits of the Hualalapi tribe.
Sandy – At the South Rim or from Las Vegas?
Sandy – Ok, The Hualapai Tribe could be visited from Las Vegas.
Sandy – Do you want an airtour or would you rather ride the bus?
Visitor – Ride the bus.
Sandy – Here is a link for that tour: https://grandcanyon.com/grand-canyon-west-motorcoach-tour.html
Visitor – If possible, maybe by foot if there is a tour that suits that…
Sandy – When you say by foot, do you mean that you would like to do some hiking while you are there?
Visitor – I’m a very nature person, so if i could do activities like hiking…yes mam…that is what I meant.
Sandy – Then you should probably rent a car and drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Sandy – You will find many opportunities for hiking there.
Sandy – You could also use a shuttle service to get you to the South Rim if you are flying into Las Vegas or into Phoenix
Visitor – Which would you suggest…flying into Phoenix or to Las Vegas?
Sandy – I would say whichever you can get the lowest prices for…usually Las Vegas.
Sandy – It is close to the same distance from the South Rim at either location…with Phoenix being 1/2 or so closer by car.
Visitor – Okay
Visitor – I can’t rent a car…I’m not from the United States.
Visitor – I will be there on July.
Sandy – OK the shuttle service from Phoenix is provided by Groom Transportation. I will get a link for you: https://groometransportation.com/arizona/
Sandy – From Las Vegas you would need to contact this company: https://grandcanyontourcompany.com/ by email to set up arrangements.
Visitor – Okay
Visitor – Do you know any tour which you sleep or camp with or without the Hualapai tribe?
Sandy – You can camp on your own at the South Rim but you will need a Back Country Permit if you go into the Canyon.
Sandy – The Hualapai Tribe have rustic cabins on their lands that you could stay in overnight, but I think the only way to do that is to drive there yourself or get a taxi (which would be very expensive.)
Sandy – This link will give you information about the Back Country Permit for the South Rim: https://grandcanyon.com/backcountry.html
Visitor loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/gcnmule.html Grand Canyon Mule’s.
Visitor- Can I ask you something?
Sandy – Sure
Visitor – How do you qualify the mule rides?
Sandy – You have to contact Xanterra, the concessionaire. Call 888-297-2757.  The rides are usually sold out 13 months in advance but let me get you their contact info
Sandy – https://www.grandcanyonlodges.com/things-to-do/mule-trips/  You must also speak English, weigh less than 200 lbs. and can NOT be pregnant to ride the Grand Canyon Mules.
Visitor – Thanx
Sandy – You’re welcome.

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