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Can you hike down to Mooney falls and back up in one day?

Visitor while on the https://grandcanyon.com home page-

Visitor - Hello Alley, we are looking for a hotel close to Grand Canyon West with a little cowboy charm... but we already know the ranch outside the park and its cabins are full...
Alley - Unfortunately, Grand Canyon Ranch is the only lodging in the immediate vicinity of Grand Canyon West.
Alley - The only other options for lodging are Kingman AZ ~90 minutes Southeast or Laughlin NV 2 hours Southwest. Or Las Vegas which is about 2 1/2 Hours West.
Visitor - We also thought about hiking into Havasupai Canyon... but we only have one night before heading to Los Angeles. Do you think one could make all the way down to Mooney falls and back up in one day if you have to start from Las Vegas and have spend the night in Peach Springs at the Hualapai Lodge? And what would you think is more beautiful... Havasupai or the West Canyon Hualapai?
Alley - Regarding...Havasupai and Mooney Falls, DON'T even try it in one day. Not that it's not beautiful, but starting out of Vegas and trying to make it back to Peach Springs is not a good plan at all. Save Havasupai for when you can do it "right" by either staying a night in Supai Lodge or the campground down at Havasupai.
Alley - By the way, you will have to plan your trip at least 1 year ahead for Havasupai.
Alley - I would actually recommend trying to go to Grand Canyon South Rim. That's the National Park where the best Grand Canyon views are.
Visitor - You're right, but I've been there several times, some years ago when I was a Tour Guide in the west.  Is the west rim good for hiking and worth a trip?
Alley - No - Grand Canyon West is not a "hiker's park." The attractions there are the Grand Canyon Skywalk and the ability to helicopter down to the canyon floor.
Visitor - Thank you very much for your help!!!!
Alley - You're welcome - thanks for visiting.

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