Discover the Thrills of the Grand Canyon in 2023: Top Activities to Experience

We’d like to welcome you to the all new 2023 Grand Canyon Travel News Weekly. I’m Karlyn Bunting and I’m here with,Stoney with a Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce. I’m the president of the Chamber of Commerce. I can’t wait to share all this wonderful news for you,

We’re here enjoying the Grand Canyon during the winter. Let’s jump right. Here’s the new Grand Canyon Chamber website, and what we wanna show you first is right here’s where you can find the weekly update to the Grand Canyon Travel News, and then right here’s where you can go and take a look at the all new Grand Canyon Visitor Guide. Let’s jump right in and have Stoney tell us about it.

Well, this was real important for our board, so we wanted to make sure that the traveler got good content when they’re traveling up to the Grand Canyon. Because a lot of times as a visitor, cuz as you know, I’m a professional guy, they were always asking, where’s this place? Where’s that? So we wanted to show ’em where Sedona was.

Where Lake Powell was, Tusayan, Flagstaff, Williams, and all these beautiful places. If you click on down there, you can see on the map here was really cool is if you press each one of those buttons right there, takes you right over into the visitors guys and shows you exactly what, where that area is and it highlights our grand partners inside the visitors guide there.

And then look at all of this that they have to share with you. I mean, they have the highlights in the park, how to get around the park, things to do in Grand Canyon. We wanna show you one important thing.

The videos are embedded right here. Let’s just take a moment and take a look at this video of the Bright Angel…Bright Angel Trail is the most popular hiking trail at the Grand Canyon. It can be utilized for day hikes or multi-day hikes, including a hike down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon.

This is the trail used by the famous Grand Canyon Mules, and you will frequently encounter them along the trail. View the links in the description below for lock. So these videos are embedded in the travel guide and there is so much more, but that’s not all that the Grand Canyon Chamber has for you.

This year, they’ve also got the new passport to savings, and let’s jump into that and have Stoney tell us about the new free passport to savings.

I’m really excited to introduce you to the Grand Canyon Passport. This is the Grand Partners to Grand Savings. Now, when you upload your email to this, it automatically will give you a text right to your phone, and then you embed that logo right there.

And then you have all the grand savings or the Google Maps and everything. Let’s go ahead and open that up real quick so I can kind of give ’em a little look at. So right there they have Google Maps. As you’re traveling along, you can actually see how many, how far you are on your trail, and if you go down there, all these wonderful businesses are giving you discounts.
So you have, like I said, grand partners to grand savings.

Absolutely. Not only that, the Grand Canyon Chamber has an exciting new sweepstakes for 2023. Stoney, tell us all about.

This is so phenomenal. All of our businesses are really behind us.

We wanted to thank you guys for coming up to the Grand Canyon and our surrounding areas. Through February, we’re highlighting the Red Feather Lodge. We have the Chocolate Factory, and as you know, if you wanna take your sweetheart up to the Grand Canyon or through the surrounding areas, this is the time to put your entry in.

That is so awesome. So the Grand Canyon Chamber has their new website. You’re gonna get the Grand Canyon Travel News Weekly. We’ve got the new Grand Canyon visitors guide, the passport to savings and the Monthly Vacation Package Giveaways. 2023 is the time to come to Grand Canyon.

Now when you get ready to come to Grand Canyon, make sure you check the weather. Check the 10 day forecast over at Weather.com In the next few weeks, we’ve got thirties during the day, eighteenths at night. Just make sure you dress right and the winter is a great time to be here.

You’ll get some of the most spectacular, crisp views that you can get of the Grand Canyon. And then finally, when you’re actually on your way, we highly recommend that you check the webcams the day that you’re gonna be here. You can see exactly what it looks like at Yavapai Point right now. And here’s the South Entrance Gate.

A couple of vehicles are pulling in, even here at this time in the afternoon. , there’s the view from the Kolb Studio, and of course there’s the Bright Angel Trail Live.

So we’re excited for you to come up and visit us. The wintertime is a must do, but always check the weather like Karlyn was telling you because the weather does change a lot, but just dress up warm.

So a lot of people are going, well, should I visit the canyon during the winter? Yes, it’s the best time. I have gotten the best photos and videos that you can imagine as the, as you’re looking through our channel, you’re gonna be seeing that to the Bright Angel Trail and all the surrounding areas.
Come and check it out, guys. The winter is a great time to visit the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at the Grand Canyon. Join us each week on the all new 2023 Grand Canyon Travel News Weekly.

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