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Camping Stove Buying Tips

When you’re out on vacation, it’s a time to put your culinary skills to the test. While roasting hot dogs over an open fire is fun, it can get old during longer trips. One of the best investments a camper can make is purchasing a quality camping stove. However, not all camping stoves are winners.

First, consider whether or not you want a camping stove or a backpacking stove. If you’re mostly walking, you’ll want the backpacking stove because it is significantly lighter. If you end up choosing a backpacking stove, be sure you know its limits. Many are just built for boiling water and nothing else. If you buy a proper camping stove, investigate the type of fuel it requires and if it will work in the climate you’re camping in. Camping stoves that use liquid gas might not work in cold climates. For more things to consider before buying a camping stove, click here:: Important Points to Consider While Buying a Camping Stove