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The Cabins at Grand Canyon West

Are you planning to drive to the Skywalk?  Do you want to do more than take a day trip?  Maybe you should consider staying at the cabins at Grand Canyon West; at the Hualapai Ranch, in fact.  These cabins are very rustic so if you are looking for a Dude Ranch experience this might be the one.

Where to Stay Near the Skywalk

There are two options for lodging on Hualapai Land; the Hualapai Ranch, aka the cabins at Grand Canyon West and the Hualapai Lodge at Peach Springs.  The Hualapai Lodge is an option but it is almost as far from the Skywalk as Las Vegas - approximately 130 miles.  If you don't want to stay in Las Vegas, Kingman is only about 75 miles away.

Cabin at Grand Canyon West
Cabin at Grand Canyon West

But if you want to be able to spend a night and get up to a Grand Canyon Sunrise in the morning, you will need to make reservations for one of the cabins at Grand Canyon West. The front porches make for a good place to sit and unwind after a hectic day exploring the sights at the West Rim."

Making Reservations

You can book online or make your reservations by phone.  To make phone reservations call 1-888-868-9378 or 928-769-2636.  Be sure to make your reservations well in advance as there are a limited number of cabins.

I Have Reservations - What Activities Should I Plan?

Horseback Rides at Grand Canyon West
Horseback Rides at Grand Canyon West

There are several options for activities at Grand Canyon West.  Of course, the Skywalk is one of the main reasons for visiting the west rim.

In the evening you can just sit and relax on your cabin's veranda enjoying the sunset. You can sit and star gaze on a clear night and just enjoy the peace and quiet of being away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle that accompanies them.

Remember, this experience is not for everyone.  If you want a five-star rated hotel, don't come to the cabins at Grand Canyon West!  However, if you want to "get back to nature" and enjoy the simple life without the interruptions of city life, this could be the experience you are looking for!

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