Are you a real person?

April 27, 2012 – conversation with a Visitor to GrandCanyon.com:

(16:20:13)  Visitor –  Are you a real person?
(16:20:27)  Rita – Yes I am.  How can I help you?
(16:22:54)  Visitor – We are looking at visiting the Grand Canyon this July. We will have 6 people and would like to fly in somewhere, rent a large vehicle and drive around the Grand Canyon, see the Hoover dam and any other things that are fun to see in the area. Can a package be put together for a reasonable price?
(16:23:45)  Rita – We offer 1 day tours in the Grand Canyon area. But you can easily rent a large vehicle in Las Vegas, drive to Hoover Dam, and then explore the Grand Canyon.
(16:27:38)  Visitor – OK, so that is all you do is day tours? We will have my mother in law with us and she is 84 and can get aroung pretty good. She does not need a wheelchair but cannot walk more than a quarter mile without resting. Do you have any suggestions that are reasonably priced?
(16:28:28)  Rita – Yes. If you would like a day tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon:https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
(16:29:09)  Rita – If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon South Rim: https://grandcanyon.com/gcntours.html
(16:31:05)  Visitor – OK, I will check those out. We would like to try to do 2-3 adventure type things. Do you have something with renting some ATVs and riding into the Grand Canyon? (At this time, ATV Tours do not exist to the bottom of the Grand Canyon…however, we do recommend you look at the Inner Canyon Jeep Tour.)
(16:31:36)  Rita – I’m sorry, no ATV’s
(16:36:46)  Visitor loaded the Grand Canyon Maps page: https://grandcanyon.com/maps.html

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