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Are the Grand Canyon helicopter tours wheelchair accessible?

Are the Grand Canyon helicopter tours wheelchair accessible?

April 18, 2012 - While a GrandCanyon.com visitor was on the https://grandcanyon.com/planning/grand-canyon-travel-tips/ page, they asked:
Visitor - Are the Grand Canyon helicopter tours wheelchair accessible?
Karlyn - Wheelchairs themselves cannot fit on the helicopters. You would need to ensure that someone in your traveling party is prepared to help you board the helicopter. For more information please call 702-736-7243 or 928-638-9330.

This can be a Key Question for Your Grand Canyon Vacation

Please make sure you do the following:

  • Research here on the Internet (we're glad you've consulted GrandCanyon.com)
  • Call the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Operator
  • Come prepared with Someone to Assist you as you navigate the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Wheelchair Accessibility

Andrew Meddings has the following to say, "I had my son help push my legs up. The new choppers are very quiet & have a great view landing." 

Grand Celebration Tour Wheelchair Accessibility

Pic with family & pilot.

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  1. I'm a para restricted to a wheelchair, my wife wants to see the Grand Canyon. Your web page says that you have the capability to handle people in my situation. The question I have is "what is the distance between the wheelchair and the copter seat? Are the copter seat and the wheelchair seat level with each other?"

    1. Eugene,

      I just spoke to Papillon Helicopters and here is the requirement:
      1-The wheelchair is wheeled out to the Helicopter.
      2-You MUST have someone who can help the individual in the Wheelchair into the Helicopter.

      Now, the distance would be approximately 6' to 10' feet of movement needed from Wheelchair to Helicopter Seat. Also, the Wheelchair Level will be below the Helicopter seat level by 3' feet or so because the Helicopter cabin and seats are up on skids...giving you a 2-3' ascent needed to get from Wheelchair seated level to Helicopter seated level.

      Please remember and the Agent emphasized that you must have someone who can assist the Wheelchair passenger into their seat.

      Thank you for visiting and asking this question.

      Thank You,


  2. Iam not in a wheelchair but have restricted mobility. Are the steps up to the helicopter very high ? My son would be with me to help me, but it would definitely be easier if you had some steps to put there whenever a person cannot do high steps.

  3. Hello
    We would like to travel with our daughter that is wheelchair bound. Her wheelchair does not fold. We can use a car seat and attach it to the helicopter seat for her to sit on as she has limited upper body stability.
    Would a GC helicopter ride be possible with a skywalk tour? She would need her own wheelchair though.
    Would appreciate some advice.

  4. Is there a ramp from the ground into the helicopter? What is the height from the ground to the floor of the helicopter?

    1. Keely,

      There is NOT a ramp from the Ground into the Helicopter.
      The Limited Ability passenger must have a Passenger with them to assist them into the Helicopter.
      There is an 8 inch step up to the Skid Step, then 10 inches to the floor of the Helicopter, and then the Seat height of ~14-16 inches that Passengers with their Assisting Passenger must be able to ascend.

      Thank You,


  5. “Now, the distance would be approximately 6′ to 10′ feet of movement needed from Wheelchair to Helicopter Seat. “

    What does this mean?
    Does this mean a wheelchair can only get 6’ from helo?

    1. Adam,

      No, it means that if you are not on the closest seat to where the Wheelchair can be positioned next to the Helicopter due to Weight & Balance calculations, then it can be up to 6' to 10' feet of movement needed to help you into your Seat from the Wheelchair.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank You,


    1. Hi Trudi,
      Your walker could probably be stored in an office or behind the check-in counter if not stored in your vehicle.
      A cane would probably be OK to bring along with you, but I'd recommend verifying that with the tour company, and also making your arrangements by phone so your needs can be noted on your reservation.
      If you're flying out of the South Rim, call 928-638-2419 or 928-638-9330. If you're flying out of Las Vegas, call 702-736-7243.
      Hope that helps! If you have further questions, please e-mail us at yourguide@grandcanyon.com
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

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