Are mule tours an option in the summer?

April 29, 2012 – a conversation with a visitor about the Grand Canyon Mule Rides.

(18:26:31)  Visitor – We’re planning on visiting GC in July…any special considerations with regard to the heat...are mule tours an option in the summer?
(18:27:10)  Rita – It will be warm, so make sure you have plenty of water, hat, sunglases, sunscreen, etc.
(18:27:32)  Rita – Mule rides are booked a year in advance, however there are shorter mule ride options that may still be available
(18:27:40)  Rita – Let me find that information for you
(18:27:53)  Visitor – thanks
(18:27:55)  Rita
(18:28:02)  Rita – Do you have your lodging yet?
(18:28:20)  Visitor – no, not yet
(18:28:50)  Rita – This is for lodging inside the park:
(18:29:04)  Rita – If that is booked up, there is lodging just outside the park entrance:
(18:29:30)  Rita you are welcome! Good Luck!

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