Another Death in Grand Canyon

In addition to the horrible news today from Colorado, we hear of another death in Grand Canyon.  This one was walking on the Grand View Trail before she fell to her death.  Of course, we don’t have a name or where she was from – only that she was “apparently walking on the trail when she somehow fell” 300 feet to her death and that a relative was with her.  We will probably hear more about this in a day or two when her name can be released.  Then Ghiglieri and Myers will have additional information should they decide to add another chapter to their book, Over the Edge:  Death in Grand Canyon.

When you go to the Grand Canyon you need to exercise caution but don’t come fearing the Canyon.  Come excited to see it and then take all the precautions necessary to make it a safe and wonderful vacation.  I recommend reading the book but not right before you come or it might make you fearful to the point that you won’t be able to enjoy the views and the trails and all the other things that make the Canyon grand.

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