A Feeling of Awe and What It Can Do for You

Have you ever gone to a place where you were in total awe of your surroundings?  Did it cause you to feel suspended in time?  I recently read a few articles that suggest when you experience awe, such as when you visit the Grand Canyon for the first time, you feel as if time has slowed down. You also feel “more patient, altruistic, and less materialistic.”

  • When we experience a jaw-dropping moment it feels as if time stands still or at least slows down
  • Because we are so time-starved we don’t usually feel that we have time to volunteer or help other people but after we experience a few of these feelings of awe that completely changes
  • Awe causes us to be more satisfied with our lives
  • The researchers used a couple of experiments – one group looked at photos of awe-inspiring scenery or wrote of their experience in a place where they felt awe; another group looked at photos of or wrote about things that had caused them happiness in their lives  The awe-inspired group demonstrated more patience in difficult tasks, more satisfaction with their lives and were more willing to self-sacrifice by donating time and money.
  • Experiences with awesome scenery could alleviate depression, cause healthier eating habits, or even cause us to engage in more leisure-time activities.

So, if awe is lacking in your life, now is the time to plan your vacation to a place where you can experience it in great abundance.  Hop in your car or head for the airport and come to the Grand Canyon.  You will be able to stare into the awesome depths of the canyon from several view areas that are accessible by car or shuttle.  If you prefer, you can experience it from a helicopter or airplane.

After you visit, be sure to tell us if you found that you were more patient or willing to help others.

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