3-D Art Display at Grand Canyon

Who would have guessed that Kurt Wenner would come to the Grand Canyon to display his Sidewalk Art?  This artist, who is known as the first to develop the art of 3-D sidewalk chalk drawing, has a display at the IMAX Theater in Tusayan (the town just outside the National Park boundaries.) It will be showing through October 31st of this year, so come to the Canyon and stop to see the “Grand Canyon Illusion.”

When I read about this in several recent news articles I wanted to know more about Kurt Wenner so I checked him out at this website: https://www.kurtwenner.com/  It is very informative and shares some of his art galleries as well as his story.   However, his Grand Canyon work is not in his galleries so plan to come by and see it while you are here on vacation.
Chris Barton of the LA Times paints an intricate word picture of what you will find at the Grand Canyon 3-D Art Display:  “Initially created with pastels and transferred to more permanent digital prints, the work spans a section of the courtyard’s floor and up a wall, giving viewers the illusion of tip-toeing from sandstone spire to spire while looking down a trail spiraling into the apparent distance below.”

Felicia Fonseca discussed more of the life of the artist but also said, ” The piece, ‘Grand Canyon Illusion,’ certainly is puzzling to the eye, blending the visitors who pose in it with a scenic, infinite backdrop. It’s the first semi-permanent display of Wenner’s work in North America and one that he hopes will help take pavement art to a higher level.”

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