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Jacob Lake Inn near the North Rim

Jacob Lake Inn AZ
Jacob Lake Inn at the Junction of Highway 89A and 67 to the North Rim. Lodging Near Grand Canyon North Rim.

All Roads Lead to Jacob Lake Inn: The Gateway to the North Rim

Nestled just 45 miles from the majestic North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Jacob Lake Inn stands as the quintessential gateway for adventurers seeking to explore this natural wonder. As one of three lodging options in the vicinity, this charming inn serves as the ideal basecamp for all North Rim adventures.

Strategically located along State Route 67 to the North Rim, Jacob Lake Inn offers unparalleled convenience for visitors. Whether you're planning a day trip or an extended stay, this inn provides easy access to the breathtaking vistas, stunning rock formations, and diverse hiking trails that the North Rim is renowned for.

Those Famous Jacob Lake Inn Cookies

One time while driving back from the North Rim, I couldn't resist stopping at Jacob Lake Inn for their famous homemade cookies and a milkshake. The warm afternoon air and the scent of ponderosa pines added to the experience.

As I walked into the rustic inn, the familiar jingle of the doorbell greeted me. Looking at all the Cookie options, I just had to try the new S'More cookie I'd heard so much about.

Soon, I was enjoying a rich blackberry milkshake and a a delightful S' More cookie. The highlight was the delicious twist on the classic s'more with gooey marshmallow and chocolate mixed with cookie.

Each bite was a nostalgic journey, filling me with contentment. With my craving satisfied, I continued my journey back to Page, Arizona now sweetened by the taste of an Arizona tradition.

North Rim Trails, Temperatures, and the Kaibab National Forest

One of the standout features of the North Rim is its higher elevation and cooler temperatures compared to the South Rim. This unique climate creates a serene and less crowded environment, perfect for those seeking a tranquil Grand Canyon experience. The recent reopening has unveiled a wealth of opportunities for hiking, photography, and nature exploration, with access to popular trails, scenic viewpoints, and historic sites.

Beyond the North Rim itself, Jacob Lake Inn serves as a gateway to the Kaibab National Forest, a vast expanse of natural beauty teeming with diverse wildlife and picturesque scenery. Visitors can embark on hiking adventures, immerse themselves in the region's rich history, or simply bask in the tranquility of the great outdoors.

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time visitor to the Grand Canyon, Jacob Lake Inn promises an unforgettable experience. With its prime location, cozy accommodations, and unrivaled access to the natural wonders of the North Rim, this inn truly embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Jacob Lake Inn
Highway 89 A & Highway 67
Jacob Lake, AZ 86022
Phone:(928) 643-7232