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East Grand Canyon Hotels

57 miles to the South Rim

Cameron Trading Post, AZ Hotels

Right at the junction of highway 89 and 64 is the historic Cameron Trading Post. This post or small business center has played an important role in the development of the West and Grand Canyon area since 1916. Originally, the trading post was a market place for the Native American Navajo and Hopi to barter their wools, blankets and goods. Over the years, Cameron Trading Post grew to include a restaurant, store, galleries and motel for travelers. If you would like the experience of history with modern updates, this hotel may be the place for you.

83 miles to the South Rim

Tuba City, AZ Hotels

Tuba City is located in the beautiful Painted Desert on the western edge of the Navajo lands. Tuba City is a wonderful place to visit if you want to learn more about the Navajo American Indians with a visit to the Explore Navajo Interactive Museum. This area of the Painted Desert is well-known for its ancient inhabitants – The dinosaurs! Five miles outside of Tuba City, you can see real dinosaur tracks preserved into the rock. For more information on Tuba City and surrounding areas, check out the great resource site: Visit Arizona-Tuba City

84 miles to the North Rim, 128 miles to the South Rim

Marble Canyon, AZ Hotels

Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry are the jumping-off-point for river rafters starting their journey on the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon. The canyon is stacked with colorful polished limestone that resembles marble with the beautiful river running through it. One of the most outstanding sites is the Navajo Bridge that spans over 900 feet from rim to rim and 470 feet from the river below.

133 miles to the South Rim, 153 miles to the North Rim

Page, Arizona Hotels

The small town of Page, Arizona is the perfect gateway for several major sites – The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Located high on a mesa overlooking the beautiful Lake Powell, Page offers a huge variety of “things to do” for both the active outdoor type or the laid-back vacationer. Enjoy boating, fishing, camping, hiking, houseboating, jet-skiing and touring. Page is the perfect base to visit all kinds of marvelous places on the eastern side of the Grand Canyon. For more information, go to “Grand Canyon East – Things to do and See”

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