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    1. There is a campground at the North Rim but it may be sold out for this season. There are also campgrounds outside the Park Boundaries and in Jacob Lake.

  1. Huang Yu Ching

    I just want to reservation the tour of Indian Country Adventure & Skywalk on 12 June. But the website told me “Availability on the day you requested is very limited. Seats may be available. Please contact our reservations department directly. ” So I don’t how to reservation. Please help me!

  2. Vivienne Stephen

    My mom and I want to visit the canyon in October. Is it best to get a hotel at the park or in Vegas and drive over

    1. Hello Karl,

      Is there any website you can suggest for hotel Park or Tusayan that we can accomodate. Thank you


  3. My husband and I are planning a road trip and will be visiting the Canyon for the first time by March 27th. I have been informed that it’s too cold around this time that it may also snow? Is this true? If so, should I postpone the visit for later. We would be driving by motorhome. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    1. Angela,

      It can go either way, late March is typically when the Seasons are changing. You can have snow one day and a beautiful Spring day the next. So it’s the contrasts. The Spring does generally bring more wind to the Grand Canyon area.

      If you find the changes appealing, then March is a great time to be here. I will tell you that many Spring Break visitors are here at this time of the year each year.

      If you are looking for ideal time of the year – April to May and September to October are the best!

      Thank You,


  4. Hi,

    My sister and I will be in Phoenix, AZ and would like to visit the Grand Canyon through a tour since we do not have a way of transportation, what’s the best way to do? We are planning to spend the night there. Is this even possible? Any recommendation?

    Thank you!

  5. My family and I are going to be going on a road trip in July and would love to see the Grand Canyon. We are only interested in driving to it in our car and seeing the Canyon. We aren’t interested in any tours. Where can we do this?


    1. Kim,

      The best destination is the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I am going to assume this is your First visit. My favorites at the South Rim are Desertview Watchtower, Grandview, Yavapai Geologic Museum, El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge ice cream, Lookout Studio, Kolb Studio and a quick jaunt down the Bright Angel to the first little window tunnel…about 200 yards down the trail. That’s far enough if you are not prepared.

      Here is a Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/RrW7hQqDhhy



  6. Margaret Grissom

    My daughter and I want to come and tent camp the week of July 4th. Do we need to make reservations at a campsite? Is electricity and water available at the campsites?

    1. Margaret,

      First of all, I would recommend you look at our page on Camping: https://grandcanyon.com/planning/camping-in-the-grand-canyon/

      Secondly, it is highly likely that all of the In-Park Camping is already booked for the 4th of July. I would recommend Camper Village 928-638-2887 in Tusayan 7 miles South of the Grand Canyon OR a Forest Service campground – Ten X 928-638-2443 – which is 2 miles south of Tusayan in the Kaibab National Forest.



  7. Just wondering if there is a place to power chargers. I am camping and need to power my storage devices so I can have power to recharge as needed

    1. Sally,

      Most Campgrounds have restrooms where you can plug in and charge up battery’s.

      I know the South Rim Campground restrooms do…as I’ve seen people using them for this purpose.

      Thank You,


  8. Enrique Guillen

    Hi there! We are a group of 20 people. Our plan is to spend two full days at Havasu Falls on June 16, 218. Is it still possible to book rooms / cabins? Your prompt advise is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Enrique,

      Supai Lodge Reservations
      At this time, all reservations must be made via telephone.
      To make reservations please call us at:
      1(928) 448-2111 or 1(928) 448-2201

      Please give them a call.


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