Get to the Bottom of It

After you stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon…deep within you begin to wonder what is down there. It’s too late! You now want to Get to the Bottom of It. These are some of our best ways you can experience the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Learn more below.

The #1 “Get to the Bottom” tour in Northern Arizona. The Antelope Canyon Rafting Tour flies you over Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell. Then you take a Tour of Antelope Canyon, and finally enjoy rafting from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry on the Colorado River!

The Only “Get to the Bottom” tour by vehicle. The Inner Canyon Tour takes you to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in style without hiking or riding a Mule. You can get in the Colorado River and be at the Bottom of it all. This tour is the ONLY way to drive to the Bottom!

The best Helicopter tour to “Get to the Bottom” at Grand Canyon West. The Grand Celebration Tour departs from Las Vegas/Boulder City and flies you over Lake Mead to Grand Canyon West where you land next to the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

The best hiking to “Get to the Bottom” of the Grand Canyon. The falls of Havasupai are world renowned. This is a difficult experience to accomplish because the permits sell out within 1 hour each year on February 1st. Havasu Falls is a great experience!