Safety Tips When Camping Outdoors

When you and the family are roughing it, it is important to stay alert and aware when you’re having fun. If you hear thunder seek shelter immediately, such as a nearby large building. Remember that the forests can contain snakes, wasps, and even bears, so take proper precautions. For more tips on staying safe when […]

Cool Packing Tips for Hot Summer Trips

If you’re traveling on a quick summer vacation, you can fit many of your items into a single bag if you are savvy enough. You can keep cables for your phone, tablet, and other electronics in a glasses case. A pill bottle can be a great way to store your jewelry safely in your bag. […]

Canyon Land Managers Praise for Fire Management

Mike Williams, Randall Walker, James Simino, and Danelle D. Harrison were recently honored by the Kaibab National Forest and Grand Canyon National Park for their leadership roles in managing wildland fires across the park’s landscape for the purpose of improving the park’s forest conditions. Managing fire helps the forest’s ecosystem and promotes future fresh vegetation […]

Ways to Provide Mosquito Bite Relief

Mosquitoes are a common annoyance to campers and hikers and mosquito bites can itch like crazy! There are a few ways to relieve the itch, though. Toothpaste or Orajel can help cool and soothe the itch away. Asprin can also help relieve the pain and itch from a mosquito bite. For more mosquito bite tips […]

Camping Hacks for When Roughing It Gets Rough

If you go out camping with friends or family and things get difficult, there are some ways to invent a lost piece of camping gear or create a convenient tool. If you bring a filled water jug with you, you can strap a headlamp onto it in order to create a makeshift lantern. You can […]