West Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter Boat Cruise and Skywalk

Sometimes the best choice of all is one you don’t have to make. Up till now, if you wanted to visit Grand Canyon West by Motorcoach, you had one of the toughest choices ever: walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, or enjoy a helicopter descent and pontoon boat adventure on the Colorado River. One or the other, not both – NOT anymore!

Grand Canyon From an Air Tour Full Retail Price: US$ 418.00
Book your tour now!Prices starting at US$ 329.00 per adult , US$ 309.00 per child

On the Rim to River Skywalk, you’ll have all the fun that Grand Canyon West has to offer and enjoy the more relaxing pace and economical price of a Motorcoach tour. Your expedition begins with pickup at your hotel and transfer to your touring Motorcoach. As you head out of Las Vegas, you’ll see not one but two marvels of modern engineering: a photo stop at Hoover Dam reveals an artistic yet imposing example of 1920′s era ingenuity. Continuing on, you’ll travel over recently opened Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, towering almost 1,000′ over the bedrock of the Colorado River!

Soon, an expansive Joshua Tree Forest surrounds you. One of the last and largest remaining stands of this unusual desert flora, this grove is estimated to be almost 1,000 years old. The Hualapai Indian Tribe has been united to these lands for about the same time. Today, their tribal land holdings have garnered international fame and brought prosperity to their people by enabling Grand Canyon visitors to experience what they craved most: the ability to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon quickly and comfortably by helicopter. And soon, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

After disembarking from your touring Motorcoach, you’ll climb aboard a comfortable efficient touring helicopter for the most exciting ride ever – to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! A simple hike will take you to a waiting pontoon boat to enjoy a leisurely smoothwater cruise up the Colorado River and back, after which you’ll return by helicopter back to the rimside. And if you thought that view was amazing, wait till you see what’s next – the Grand Canyon Skywalk! Visualized by a Las Vegas businessman, this cantilevered horseshoe-shaped walkway is paved entirely with glass, giving you the peculiar, if not downright freaky sensation of walking on air
high above the canyon floor. But don’t worry – this innovative structure is solid as the rock underneath it, capable of supporting the weight of over a dozen loaded 747′s!

By this point in time, you’re probably getting hungry; great time to grab a bite! Here again, choice is the word as you can pick from several menu options: the Skywalk Cafe at Eagle Point, a hearty barbecue lunch at Guano Point overlooking the Grand Canyon, or dine with the cowboys at the Hualapai Ranch.

Eventually it’s time to return to Las Vegas, where complimentary shuttle transport will return you to your hotel, at a decent hour to boot. Now that you don’t have to choose your fun, you know people will be choosing the Rim to River Skywalk, and so should you.


5.45 AM- 6.30 AM* Pickup at your Las Vegas hotel
*pickup times vary depending on hotel; complimentary shuttle service provided from/to most major hotels on the Strip and Downtown
7.30 AM Depart Las Vegas for Hoover Dam via the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert
8.15 AM Enjoy a 15 minute photo stop at Hoover Dam, built in 1922, a marvel of engineering even by modern standards!
11.30 AM Arrive at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. On the way, you’ll pass through an immense forest of Joshua Trees, estimated to be almost 1,000 years old – a sight unique to the Mojave Desert
11.45 AM Board helicopter and fly to the bottom of the Grand Canyon – an exhilarating 3,500’ descent!
12.00 N Board pontoon boats for leisurely float (no rapids) up the Colorado River to Quartermaster Point and back. You’ll also have some free time to explore the canyon floor and take pictures. You won’t believe where you are and how easy it was to get here!**
**Involves some simple hiking, down an unpaved, slightly rocky trail and a short staircase from helipad to boat dock, then back up same staircase and trail from boat dock to helipad. Equivalent to about 5 flights of stairs each way.
12.30 PM Board helicopter for thrilling ascent to the Canyon Rim
12.45 PM Board Motorcoach for ground tour of Grand Canyon West
Eagle Point: site of Hualapai Indian Village, featuring replicas of traditional dwellings of several Southwestern Native tribes, and the Eagle Point Amphitheatre where dances and cultural programs are performed daily. Eagle Point is also the site of the Grand Canyon Skywalk! Enjoy a 20 minute walk on this innovative structure and get your picture taken by the Hualapai TribeGuano Point: named for a defunct mining operation in which bat droppings were harvested for uses such as fertilizer, gun powder, even cosmetics! Take some time to walk around the promontory and take a look at the old mining tram that still stands. 
2.00 PM Lunch at Guano Point – everyone has a table with a view! You will enjoy a barbeque meal prepared by the Hualapai Indians. Typical menu includes: Shredded beef or Chicken, Cornbread, Flour tortilla, Salad, Fruits and Water.
3.00 PM Depart Grand Canyon West for Las Vegas
6.00 PM Return to Las Vegas, dropoff back at your hotel

Helicopter over Colorado RiverTerms and Conditions: Passengers must reconfirm 24 hours prior to tour or may be subject to cancellation. No-shows are not refunded. Tour itineraries, prices and fees subject to change without notice.

Dinner and Show Reservations: Times and durations are approximate and may be affected by weather, traffic or other factors. We strongly discourage you from scheduling any time-sensitive activities, such as dinner reservations or show tickets, for the evening following your Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour. GrandCanyon.com and its affiliates can assume no responsibility for activities missed due to unexpected delays.

Please Note: Some Grand Canyon West Tours may be operated in smaller aircraft. Due to air traffic control, views of the Hoover Dam may be restricted on certain flights. Tours may require a minimum number of passengers to operate. Not all tours are wheelchair accessible. Please check with the reservation agent for details or available tours.