Grand Discovery Air Tour

How to get the quickest overview of the Grand Canyon, in the least amount of time, and at the lowest possible cost. A full 40-45 minute birds-eye discovery of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Celebration TourGrand Discovery Air Tour

Full Retail Price: US$ 149.00idevaffiliate
Prices starting at US$ 124.00 per adult , US$ 104.00 per child

grand-discovery-01Tour Features

  • See All of the Grand Canyon from the Air
  • Twin Pilot – Twin Motor for your safety
  • High Wing Design for a completely unobstructed view
  • Oversized Windows for Superior Photography
  • The Most Comprehensive Air Tour available at the Grand Canyon
  • The Longest Lasting Air Tour available for the Cost!
  • The Grand Canyon is Incredible from the Air – Why Not See it All?

Grand Canyon Air Tours

This 40-45 minute air tour lets you see it all. It is a Grand Circle that begins at the South Rim. Hope you brought plenty of film!

Now, soar over the Eastern Rim and catch a glimpse of humble Marble Canyon right before the mighty Colorado began to rip the very earth asunder to form the Grand Canyon.

Next, glide over the North Rim and view the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest in North America.

The Tour then escorts you right by the Western Rim, where the dazzling sight of cascading canyons will stun you. Prepare to swoop back around towards the South Rim through “the Dragon’s Corridor.”

Nothing helps you get a true appreciation for the scope and scale of the Grand Canyon like the view from a Twin Otter, with enlarged windows for greater photography. There isn’t much of the Canyon you won’t see on this Tour!

Perspective of the Grand Canyon from an Air Tour

Grand Canyon From an Air Tour