Tower Butte Landing Tour

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Take the Tower Butte Landing Tour

overlooking Lake Powell and Padre Bay!

The newest, most exciting Helicopter Tour on earth! A totally new and innovative aerial sightseeing experience that is sure to be the highlight of your tour of the American Southwest.

Tower Butte Helicopter Tour

Your adventure begins from the Page Municipal Airport. After climbing aboard your comfortable touring helicopter, you lift off, and in minutes, you’re over one of the most famous beauty spots in the world: Lake Powell!

Scene of such movie classics as “Planet of the Apes” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” Lake Powell’s vast expanses of open water are world-renowned for fishing, water-skiing, wakeboarding and a myriad of other water recreation forms.  Lake Powell’s shoreline combined shoreline is longer than that of the Western Coast of the United States put together!

As you cross the lake, you will leave Federal Park lands, and enter Navajo Indian Reservation Lands. Occupying 4 Western states, the Navajo Nation is home to many sites of both scenic and cultural significance. Many of these are distinguished by geological oddities such as slot canyons, gravity defying spires and the very thing you see rising out of the land seemingly from nowhere: Tower Butte. An example of an Entrada Sandstone formation, there is truly nothing else like it in all the world.

As you circle around its summit, you realize that you couldn’t have driven here if you tried; and you are witnessing the majesty of an immense landscape from a perspective that very few people have had until now. And … could this be happening? Yes – you are about to land on top of it!
Enjoy the Increcible View On Top of Tower Butte

Your state of the art helicopter gently touches down on what feels like the very tip of the Earth. You are welcome by the Navajo Nation to walk on top of Tower Butte and photograph the vastness of the landscape that is before you. After some time exploring the top of the Butte, it’s time to head back to the Page Airport.

That doesn’t mean put the cameras away – sights such as Antelope Point Marina, Navajo Canyon and LeChee Rock shouldn’t be missed on the flight back. You simply can’t pass up this opportunity – rest assured other people won’t, so book your seats today. Click on the “book now” button, and we’ll see you on the Butte!

The Tower Butte Landing Tour might possibly be the most amazing helicopter tour of your entire life – or at least your vacation!

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