Grand Canyon Weather - by Destination

Grand Canyon has a variety of weather patterns that move around it. Generally speaking, the North Rim elevations go from over 8,000 feet to 7,000 feet above sea level. This creates weather that is cooler and enjoys more precipitation. The South Rim elevations go from 6,000 to 7,000 feet and although cool at night, can warm up dramatically during the day. Grand Canyon West is in the 4,000 elevation range and enjoys quite moderate and warm temperatures. Grand Canyon East is in the 4,000 elevation range and enjoys quite moderate and warm temperatures, as well.

South Rim Weather

West Weather

East Weather

North Rim Weather

Fire Restrictions Lifted at Grand Canyon and the Surrounding Areas

desert view campground square

Good News! On July 8th the fire restrictions for the Grand Canyon and surrounding forest were lifted.  If you plan to camp you can have a campfire in designated areas but please make sure it is dead out before you leave it.  The best way to make sure a campfire is dead out is to pour water on it and then shovel dirt on it and stir it until it is cold to the touch.  Make sure there are no warm embers left as the wind can fan embers into a flame.  Another option is a charcoal grill but again please make sure there are no charcoal embers left. As always, check before you leave to go camping. … [Read more...]

East Weather

The weather on the East end of the Grand Canyon is for the Marble Canyon, Lee's Ferry & Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend area. … [Read more...]

Winter Storm at the South Rim

Winter at the South Rim

Many of you have been asking about weather and road conditions at the South Rim.  This past weekend there was a winter storm at the South Rim.  At approximately 10:00 am Sunday December 16th, the most recent park service weather update took place.  There have been closures on the Hermit Road and the Desert View Drive.  They expected to possibly get the roads cleared by late afternoon.  No updates are available yet today. The Park Service website has some really good suggestions for winter driving: Drive with caution and at speeds appropriate to the road conditions. Watch for deer … [Read more...]