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North Rim Planning

Visiting Grand Canyon's North Rim

The Grand Canyon North Rim is very close to the Utah Border. It is requires more effort to visit the North Rim than it does to visit the South Rim. It is more remote and less visitor will make it to the North side. It is further from any freeways, it is ONLY open seasonally from May 15th through October 15th each year, there is not an Airport nearby-Page, Arizona and St. George, Utah being the closest, and it is just over 200 miles from the South Rim-requiring a 4 hour drive.

Point Imperial - Mt. Hayden

One of the North Rim's best views from Point Imperial

Now with that all said, if this is not your first time to Grand Canyon, I would highly recommend the North Rim to you. (First time visitors, it's best to visit the South Rim first!) Many visitors who go to the North Rim in Grand Canyon National Park, also go visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. The North Rim offers incredible views and some great day hikes. Click Here for the Map to your North Rim experience: Grand Canyon North Rim Map

Cape Royal at Grand Canyon North Rim

Cape Royal at Grand Canyon North Rim

North Rim Viewpoints not to be missed:

North Viewpoints that require hiking or 4 wheel drive vehicles:

  • Cape Final - approx. 2 mile hike each way - 4 miles round trip
  • Saddle Mountain - can be reached from the Point Imperial overlook
  • Uncle Jim Point - approx. 2 mile hike each way - 4-5 miles round trip
  • The Widforss Trail - approx. 5 mile hike each way - 10 miles round trip
  • Point Sublime - 4 Wheel Drive recommended

Grand Canyon Lodge - North Rim

The Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge

North Rim Lodging is currently operated by Forever Resorts, a National Park Service concessioner. The Lodge was originally built by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1927-28. You see the Main Lodge building pictured here. There are 23 Western Cabins and over 90 Pioneer Cabins at the Lodge. The Dining Room offers an experience not to be missed.  The Lodge is memorable and will take you back to those early historic National Park days in the early 1900's. It is rustic and enjoyable to explore and watch sunset from the front Porch. You can reserve your Cabin at the North Rim Lodge by calling: 877-386-4383 or 480-337-1320. To make a Reservation for the Dining Room, please call: (May-Oct): 928-638-2611 , (Nov-Apr): 928-645-6865

Grand Canyon Mule Rides North Rim are enjoyed by many family's on their visit to the North Rim. This is a great way to enhance your North Rim visit and spend time together. The Mangum family operates Canyon Trail Rides and can be reached at 435-679-8665 to make your reservation today.

North Rim Mule Ride

Mule Riding at the North Rim

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Where is Navajo Bridge (and what does it have to do with the Grand Canyon?)


Navajo Bridge is actually located on Navajo Tribal Lands at the northeast portion of the Grand Canyon that we generally recognize as the East Rim.  The Colorado River, flowing through Marble Canyon, flows under Navajo Bridge. Marble Canyon is considered by many to be the beginning of the Grand Canyon and Lee's Ferry, not far from the Bridge, is the starting point for many of the Colorado River White Water Trips. Navajo Bridge: A South/North Rim Connection If you drive from the South Rim to the North Rim you will cross the Navajo Bridge en route.  This drive will take about 4.5 hours if you … [Read more...]

Things To Do – North Rim

Attractions | Ranger Programs | Hiking | Biking  | Camping  | River Running | Mule Trips ATTRACTIONS Grand Canyon North Rim Scenic Drive – The remote quiet beauty of the North Rim can be appreciated on the Scenic drive. Along the route, there are pull-outs and viewpoints to see Point Imperial and Cape Royal. The drive usually takes a half a day if you enjoy short walks and photo opportunities. Point Imperial is approximately 11 miles or 20 minutes from the visitor center and Cape Royal is 23 miles or 45 minutes. There is a second, unpaved road that leads to Point Sublime, about 20 miles … [Read more...]

Need To Know – North Rim

Location & Directions | Open & Close | Cost & Pay Stations | Parking  | Permits Location & Directions: Grand Canyon North Rim is located in northwest corner of Arizona, about 30 miles from Jacob Lake, Arizona and approximately 80 miles from Kanab, Utah and the state line. The North Rim does not have an airport and the only way to access the Park’s entrance is by car or motorcoach. BY CAR From Phoenix – 6 hours Take I-17 North toward Flagstaff At Flagstaff, take US-89 North Follow US-89 North until Bitter Springs Take US-89A North Turn left onto AZ-67 South and … [Read more...]

North Rim, Arizona

See it, and you’ll understand immediately why the North Rim is regarded as the Grand Canyon’s “best side.” While visitors at the South Rim jostle with crowds and endure daytime temperatures nearing 100°, those fortunate enough to see the Grand Canyon from it’s North Rim will have a whole different experience; one the travel magazine Conde Nast once described years ago as “the Connoisseur’s Grand Canyon.” Grand Canyon’s North Rim is only open from mid-May through mid-October. At 8,000’ above sea level, the North Rim is cooler and typically experiences heavy winter snows, hence the shorter … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon North Rim: It’s A Different World!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Grand Canyon North Rim: It's A Different World

OK, so you might have heard a few horror stories about Grand Canyon South Rim: it's hot and crowded in the summertime... hotels booked to the rafters a year in advance... Mule rides? Forget about it! Not only was the Plateau Point ride discontinued, the daily quota for the Phantom Ranch mule ride was slashed in half, making it even harder to grab a spot on what is perhaps the most coveted visitor experience in the Southwest US. But there's a time and place where all these rigid rules about Grand Canyon travel soften around the edges. It occurs between May 15th and October 15th, a short but … [Read more...]